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Getting Ready for Your Baby’s Arrival

You had visits to your doctor, got your ultrasounds and other tests done and now your bundle of joy is about to arrive. Here is a non-comprehensive baby-specific list of items that you will probably require:


You should have baby bath tub, bath mat, bath sponge, hooded towels, gentle baby wash / shampoo / soap / lotion, baby oil and cotton balls ready.


Your baby will need body suits, sleeping suits, day wear outfits, jackets, socks, booties, mittens and sun hat.

Because your little one is on a steep learning curve, he/she is going to need bibs, burp cloths, and spit and drool off cloths.

The number of these items you buy depends upon your situation. Before you go to a shopping mall and spend lots of money on these, keep in mind that the babies double in size in 5-6 months and their needs change quickly. Depending upon the type and size of family and friends and cultural factors, they may be gifts coming your way. If you already know the gender of your baby, you could select gender specific clothes accordingly.


You will need diapers, diaper wipes, diaper cream or petroleum jelly, diaper disposal system, and a diaper bag. You will need lots of changing time. In fact, you may need to change your baby’s diaper as many as 10 times a day.


Although new born babies have limited needs and limited choice of what they can consume, there are items you will most likely need: bottles, infant/new born nipples, bottle brush, large pan or pot for sterilization of bottles, and tongs to handle hot bottles.

You might also need a breast pump if you are going to exclusively breast feed or otherwise depending upon the decision you make. You might/will need baby formula.

With growth will come the need for high chair, cutlery set/utensils, training cups etc.


Some toys are really helpful to stare at when you have not much to do! There cannot be a specific list here but infant swing, jumper, bouncy seat, crib toys, stroller toys etc. come to mind.


A place to sleep – You could co-sleep in the beginning but eventually a crib and everything that goes with it, namely, crib mattress, bedding, padding,

Caution: Please do not use any soft bedding such as pillows, quilts, blankets etc. to eliminate the risk of SIDS – Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Staying Healthy:

Bulb syringe for cleaning the little one’s stuffy nose, baby nail clipper and baby thermometer (you are going to need it frequently).


Travelling with babies is not as difficult or cumbersome as it sounds first. You will require a brand new car seat (must not use a used car seat for safety reasons) for sure and a stroller. If you don’t prefer to carry your baby in hands and arms, you will need a front pack or a sling.

As the cutie pie grows, backward facing car seat will need to be replaced with a forward facing car seat.

When purchasing any of items, you will have a choice of one product over the other depending upon your preferences and affordability. An important thing to remember is that you pay different price for the same product at different stores. So, it pays to shop around. Why pay more money for the same product when it requires just a little more or less travel?

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